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September 01, 2016
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Keeping your child safe is probably number one on your priority list as a parent. Luckily, there are various methods available to achievetoothprints this. One way your dentist can help protect your child’s safety is with Toothprints, a dental identification system available at your Cumberland, RI dentist. Find out more about Toothprints with Dr. Angeles Felix at Dental Associates of Cumberland.

What is Toothprints? 
Similar to fingerprints, everyone’s mouth is unique. Toothprints uses a thermoplastic wafer to make an impression of your child’s mouth for identification purposes in the case of an emergency. In addition to serving as a unique identification method, Toothprints also captures saliva, which retains enough scent to be used in a canine scent tracking search. Overall, Toothprints is a crucial tool in the case of an abduction or missing child.

How does Toothprints work? 
Creating a Toothprint is easy. Your child’s dentist simply submerges the wafer in water which makes the wafer soft and malleable. Then, with the wafer in place inside of the mouth, your dentist instructs the child to bite down, creating the impression. As the wafer dries, it hardens into its final form. Parents store Toothprints in a plastic bag at home for safe keeping. Keeping the Toothprint on hand at home allows parents to take fast action in case of emergency.

Toothprints in Cumberland, RI
Creating a Toothprint takes only a few minutes and the procedure can take place during your child’s regular bi-annual dental examination and cleaning. Toothprints is safe and effective and can help give you peace of mind in knowing your child has a unique and helpful identification method.

For more information, please contact Dr. Felix at Dental Associates of Cumberland in Cumberland, RI. Call (401) 723-0350 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Felix today!




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