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By Dental Associates of Cumberland
May 23, 2018
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Mouth GuardIf you are an athlete who values their smile then you need to wear a mouth guard.

Warmer weather is just around the corner and with the welcoming of spring also comes the welcoming of sports season. Your child or teen has been preparing in the off-season to hit the field and get back to their favorite outdoor activity. And just as your child puts on a helmet and pads up their joints, our Cumberland, RI, dentist, Dr. Angeles Felix, is also here to tell you why your child or teen (or even an adult athlete) needs to wear a mouth guard.

Why You Should Wear a Mouth Guard

No matter your age, if you are someone who plays sports you need to wear a mouth guard anytime you are playing or practicing. This is because dental injuries are actually extremely common when it comes to sports and yet they are completely preventable with the proper gear. Just as helmets protect your head from traumatic brain injuries, wearing a simple mouth guard could protect your teeth from being dislodged or completely knocked out.

Those who play contact sports such as wrestling, football, and soccer are at the highest risk for facial or dental injuries, so it is imperative that if you are playing a contact sport that you wear a mouth guard at all times.

Choosing a Mouth Guard

Of course, your coach might recommend picking up a mouth guard from your local drugstore; however, these one-size-fits-most mouth guards don’t offer the same superior and individualized protection that a custom mouth guard can offer. Our Cumberland family dentist can make your custom-fitted mouth guard right here in our office.

Plus, getting a custom mouthguard offers a variety of benefits compared to over-the-counter guards. They are made from a tougher material, so they are more resilient to damage. Furthermore, they fit more comfortable and snugly around teeth to provide full and reliable protection time and time again.

If you want to talk to us about getting a custom mouth guard for your child, teen or even yourself, don’t hesitate to turn to our Cumberland, RI, dental team for the preventive dentistry you deserve. Call Dental Associates of Cumberland today.




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