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August 25, 2017
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Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary when all other treatment options have been explored by your dentist. You may feel a little tooth extractionsanxiety about this appointment to remove a severely damaged or decayed tooth. However, if you prioritize self-care after a tooth is extracted, you can preserve your dental health. You can also ensure that you’re a good candidate for the various tooth replacement options offered at Dental Associates of Cumberland in Cumberland, RI.

The Tooth Extraction Appointment
An appointment to have a tooth extracted should be quick and simple. You should be in and out of the dentist’s chair in about 30 minutes. Your dentist will numb the area first for your comfort and may provide you with other sedation options depending on your level of dental anxiety. After the tooth has been removed, pressure will be applied to the gums for a few minutes and you can go home soon afterwards.

Self-Care After the Appointment
The way you care for your mouth after an extraction is important for your long-term dental health. Firstly, follow the exact care requirements provided by your Cumberland dentist. Here are a few self-care tips for patients after extractions:

- Apply ice to the jaw to reduce any swelling.
- Keep your mouth clean and rinse with saltwater at least twice per day.
- Take the day off after your surgery (two if possible), lay down, relax, and watch television. Too much activity could prolong the healing process.
- Treat yourself to a smoothie that’s rich in vitamins, yogurts and puddings for the first couple of days.
- Gently clean your gums and remove any food particles from the area of the extracted tooth after each meal and before bed.

Your Tooth Replacement
The best way that you can care for yourself and your smile after a tooth extraction is to talk to your dentist about a tooth replacement. Dental implants are the best option because they utilize the good bone tissue in your jaw, keeping it healthy. They also look and feel very natural.

Get Urgent Help with Your Smile
Though most patients don’t look forward to tooth extractions, they are sometimes needed to restore your dental health. Call Dental Associates of Cumberland today at 401-723-0350 to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Angeles Felix in Cumberland, RI.




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